kind: documentary
original format: 16mm - super8 - DV
screening format: 35mm
som: Dolby Digital
window: 1:66
running time: 92 minutes
year of production: 2001/2002


O Fim do Sem Fim [something like The End of the Endless] is a feature documentary film that has as scenery the upcoming disappearance of some jobs and professions in Brazil. It composes an immersive picture about the creative geniality and the resistance against new cultural forms and technological trends.

By discussing the finality and the expected end of some process evolved in some kind of handwork nowadays, the substitutions that contemporary life promotes are discussed with great originality by the professionals workers. Experts in not so useful activities, they play in the film their own roles in real life. 

The project was based in a large research, which was conducted however as an attempt to follow the main subject with freedom and with no obligations concerning documentary rigid methodologies or even historical or anthropological approaches. 

Along the work, several workers give valuable statements and tell important things about their lives. In most of the cases life and work means the same thing. Some people are in the same job for almost 80 years. Others just don't know how to do anything else - or never have thought about it. It has a tragic side, as their job does not fit in modern way of living anymore their own existences may fade away too. But their confidence and obstination override pessimistic view about the future. Creative interpretation of the reality helps them to preserve not only their existences but also their dignity. 

Using metaphors and playing between fiction and reality, the experts are portrayed in different ways of approaching. Some of them are introduced with no further interference while some are presented in a more elaborated form. 

Reinforcing an antropofagic view of such a culture, the film does not stick with any homogeneous resource or uniform aesthetic The work tends to strength the concept that the talent and originality of Brazilian people is to reinvent themselves from being oppressed by any form of cultural imposition. 

O Fim do Sem Fim was shot in Brazil at locations in the regions of Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia, Alagoas, Sergipe, Pernambuco, Paraíba and Ceará. 



direction: lucas BAMBOZZI, Cao GUIMARÃES, beto MAGALHÃES
production: vania CATANI 
executive production: lucas BAMBOZZI
production direction beto MAGALHÃES
script: Lucas Bambozzi and cao GUIMARÃES
16mm photography: Cao GUIMARÃES
Super 8 photography: lucas BAMBOZZI e Cao GUIMARÃES
DV photography: lucas BAMBOZZI and beto MAGALHÃES
live audio: Marcos MOREIRA MARCOS
assistant: Gilberto GIBI CARDOSO
opening and credits: júlio DUI
sound design and soundtrack: O GRIVO
edition: lucas BAMBOZZI, cao GUIMARÃES, beto MAGALHÃES



Júlio Vieira 
bell man
São João del Rey - MG

Paulo Marques de Oliveira 
master of masters
Salinas - MG

Luiz Vidal Filho [Bahiano]
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

José Roberval Pereira [Seu Ró]
bar philosopher
Grão Mogol - MG

José Ferreira Camargos 
1st street photographer [lambe-lambe]
Belo Horizonte - MG

Valdivino Spinola de Souza 
gold seeker
Grão Mogol - MG

Maria dos Santos Faria [Dª Santinha] 
mid wife
Milho Verde - MG

Manoel Luis dos Santos 
São José do Egito - PB

Olegário Fernandes da Silva 
poet cordelist
Caruarú - PE

Mário Bispo de Souza
Salvador - BA

Elcio Ferreira Paulino 
clerk [son]
Amadeus Ferreira Paulino
clerk [father] 
Grão Mogol - MG

Teruo Koizumi
São Paulo - SP

Jorge Luiz Miranda de Souza
railway man
Paranapiacaba ? SP

Augusto César Sampaio Fiorelli 
watch maker
São Paulo - SP

Sr. Demerval Vanucchi 
lift boy
São Paulo - SP

Conceição Nascimento 
glass maker
Salvador - BA

Severino Rodrigues de Lima 
lighthouse keeper
Olinda - PE 

Francisco Pereira Silva 
2nd street photographer [lambe-lambe]
Juazeiro do Norte - CE

Maria Nádia do Nascimento 
street photographer client
Juazeiro do Norte - CE

Luiz Carlos Santos 
cinema usher
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Esmeraldina Militão das Neves [Dª.Dina]
kerosene lamp maker
Salvador  - BA

José dos Santos Silva 
lighter fixer
Juazeiro do Norte  - CE

Gilberto Cardoso
cock maestro
Exu - CE

Milton Santos 
peddler promoter
Divisa Alegre - MG





Born in 1965 in Brazil. Bachelor in Social Communication/Journalism at UFMG Belo Horizonte. Studied Semiotics at PUC-São Paulo. Master of Philosophy at CaiiA-STAR, University of Plymouth - UK. By the end of the 80's start to develop studies and artistic work using new media and moving images, exploring the expressive potentiality of the video. Most of his works are authorial and independent pieces, including a wide variety of formats, such as video-installations, single channel videos, short films, music videos, and interactive work. Have been frequently awarded and constantly screened inside and outside of Brazil, in more than 30 countries. 
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Born in 1964 in Belo Horizonte. Bachelor in Economics at FACE-UFMG(1987). Since the middle of the 80ís works as a video and film productor. Founder of Trincheira Video, the first community/street TV in Belo Horizonte (1986). Also organised two important video festival in the city of Belo Horizonte. By the end of the 90ís started his career as a producer and director of documentaries.
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Born in 1965 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Bachelor in Philosophy at UFMG, Belo Horizonte. Master of Arts in Photographic Studies , Westminster University, London, UK. Started working with art and photography in the middle of the 80ís, showing his works in different exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. In the 90ís started developing experiences in moving images using mainly super-8 and digital video. Also made some short and large films, art installations and a book about sensorial experiences.
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